Horse Riding Boot Zip Replacement Horse Riding Boot Zip Replacement Broken zip in need or replacement 192872806 Old zip, nylon teeth have worn 192873589 Cut stitching to relese zip out of boot 192873590 Take care at the bottom as this part of the zip is well fixed in 192873591 zip is now fully out of boot 192873592 Open boot and make sure all old zip has been completly removed 192873593 Get your new zip of same size 192873594 Glue new zip in place at the bottom and make sure it is in the centre 192873595 Then glue bottom 4" (10cm) of zip in to boot 192873596 then allow to dry for about half an hour 192873597 When dry stitch bottom of zip in first, as this is main part 192873598 Stitch bottom 4" (10cm) in to boot 192873599 Best to double stitch this part 192873600 Then glue rest of zip into boot 192873601 Stitch bottom tab and then stitch the restof zip int boot 192873602 Put new leather tab on to zip puller 192873603 Then zip up to test new zip is working properly 192873604 New zip fitted and folly working, ready to wear again. 192873588